The personal space of Nazmul Ahmed !

I am a parallel entrepreneur who is presently immersed in leading operations in Bangladesh for a travel company. My other hats include being a founder at a global hospitality platform and creating visuals for people through their web presence. When I am not running around as a headless chicken for 17.5 hrs a day, I can be found glued to my MAC drawing IV drips from my favorite techie and Wildlife blogs.

Ways to get my attention

coffee with nazmul ahmedLets have coffee some time! Meeting you and creating synergies is what I do. On many occasions, I have met facebook or twitter friends and ended up working together on projects. So, shall we connect? To reach me, Click here

Stuff that you should know

I live by one rule above everything else: Rules are there to be recreated with people who created the "old" rules : )

Other petpeeves:

  • I always crave sushi
  • I get paid to do things I love
  • I’m most irritated by people who don't respect time

Photography runs through my veins.

nazmul ahmed photographyClick here to get a glimpse of the world through my lens. Feel free to ask about any pictures that hit a cord with you, or can help your organization.